River Camping Prague

Rules and regulations of the campsite


1. Campsite is opened for vehicle and reception is opened always from 8:00 till 10:00 and from 16:00 till 20:00. During the high season the campsite and reception are opened from 8:00 till 21:00.

2. Payment for the stay in the campsite is performed during check-in in full amount. Key from the gates and some borrowed items are subject to the security deposit which is paid back after return. If rented or borrowed items are not returned or damaged, then the value of the item is compensated to the campsite before visitor’s departure. Departing from the campsite without settling all obligations will be subject to legal action.

3. The earliest check in time is 10:00 and latest check out time is 10:00. 

4. Guests who are checked in can also enter and exit the camp site by the pedestrian gate next to main gate and also in the back of the campsite. Pedestrian gate can only be opened by key or code which is provided to the visitor during check in or upon request.

5. All roads in the camp site must remain free. Movement of vehicles in the camp area off paved roads is strictly prohibited. Maximum speed on the camp site road is 5 km/h. Parking of the vehicles is only allowed on the pitches. Exceptions can be in place for serious reason approved by camp receptionist.Any damage or car accident on the campsite property remains liability of the party who caused the accident and will be subject to legal prosecution. 

6. Way of parking of motorcycles on the pitches needs to secure the stability of the motorcycle to avoid falling.

7. Vehicles that have leaks of various fluids (e.g. oil, etc.) will be removed from the campsite.

8. Emptying chemical toilets is allowed only on designated place. Please notify receptionist when you need to empty your chemical toilet tanks.

9. Pitch for each guest is determined at the check in. Moving to different pitch is possible only after arrangement with receptionist. Campsite reserves right to move visitor to different pitch if necessary.

10. Pitches with fireplace are available for additional fee.

11. Children under 14 years should use the various facilities under the supervision of their parents. Children can ride bicycles in the campsite area with the absolute liability of their parents. 

12. Pets are allowed. Pet owner is required to provide upon arrival a copy of the animal’s health booklet with all necessary vaccinations and a vet’s certificate. Pets must be tied all the time or in the cage.  Pet owners should walk the pets out of the property when need to make excrements without disturbing other visitors. The use of facilities (e.g. WC, shower) is forbidden for animals.

13. Guests should keep their pitch area clear and tidy.

14. Quiet hours are from 14:00 till 16:00 afternoon and from 22:00 till 7:00.

15. Electricity supply is exclusively for lighting, radio, TV, refrigerator. Use of electric stoves, electric heating is not allowed and can result in power shut down.

16. Camp site does not have distributed trash bins. All trash needs to be sorted as much as possible to the categories below. Please bring all sorted and mixed waste and receptionist will open collection bins.

- PLASTICS – plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic packing, cups from yogurts etc…

- PAPER – boxes, newspapers, magazines, paper packing

- GLASS – glass bottles from dinks, food bottles (e.g. cucumbers, vegetables)

- MIXED WASTE – all others. 

17. It is strictly forbidden to light fires in the campsite. For grill/barbeque purpose there are pitches with fireplace or you can use your small grill on your pitch (without disturbing those around you).

18. Washing your caravan, tent or car inside the campsite is forbidden. 

19. Campsite is not liable for damages and loses caused by theft, natural disaster or force major.

20. Entering and staying in the campsite implies acceptance of rules and regulations of this campsite.

We wish you nice enjoyable time during your stay with us in Prague!

The simple plan of the our campsite you can find here.